Ain't No Sunshine by: Tiona Pathenia Brown

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Ain t No Sunshine, is the story of Sunshine Cannon, a beautiful woman with a tattered past and ominous future. Sunshine, one of ten children, knew how it felt to struggle from an early age. With living quarters ranging from a small one bedroom apartment to sleeping on the floor of a shelter she always prayed things would turn around for her and her family. It isn t until Sunshine meets Kalil, a street hustler with a chip on his shoulder and the swag of a stallion that things start to change for her. Her fairy tale is short lived when Kalil, her prince, turns out to be her worst nightmare. Her prayers are soon answered when she s given a chance to move forward and make a new life for herself. She s embracing her newfound freedom and making steps towards stability for once in her life. There were moments in her life when she thought the sun would stop shining, moments when no one tried to save her. She didn t even try to save herself at times. But will things really change for Sunshine or will things only get worse? You ll feel her pain, sense her sadness, laugh with her and laugh at her. You will take deep gripping breaths as events climb, climax and peak and unfold layer by layer in this attention-grabbing tale of a young woman s life struggles. Her constant efforts to fight adversity, remain true to her self, keep her head up high face the sun - and maintain the stability of her house of falling cards where too many traumatic events continue to constantly plague the young woman from a small child. Much like the graceful and beautiful pattern of falling dominos, this gripping tale will leave you speechless wondering why there is only darkness everyday and...Ain t No Sunshine. novel stands out as the first of its kind. Ain t No Sunshine will not only entertain but will raise awareness in the areas of poverty, drug addition, rape and molestation and child abuse. Both sexy and suspenseful and full of secrets lies and consequences, this book will have you gripping your seats until the very end.