Black Scarface III: The Wrath of Face by: Jimmy DaSaint

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A few years have passed and Face is still feeling the effects of Reese’s incarceration, the betrayal and theft of his fortune by his lawyer, Peter J. Greenberg; and the murders of Momma and DJ have left him troubled and broken. Now the only satisfaction Face can achieve is through the fragrant taste of revenge. His vengeance will ensure that all the people responsible for his pain get their just-due. At the top of his list sits the powerful U.S. Senator, C.W. Watson; and once he falls the double-crossing Gomez brothers, Truck the snitch, Ron Perry-the crooked Philadelphia Detective and all others will begin to crumble. As the master plan is being developed, Face has no clue of the new and inconspicuous enemies that are lurking in the shadows. When the smoke clears many will be eliminated and Face will confront the biggest decision of his time…to live or die.