Buccaneer: The Provocative Odyssey of Jack Reed, Adventurer, Drug Smuggler and Pilot Extraordinaire by: MayCay Beeler

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Buccaneer is the stimulating, true crime tale of the life and times of Jack Carlton Reed, an All-American boy turned drug smuggler; turned Robinson Crusoe; then infamous prison inmate. For the first time, Jack Reed discloses his extraordinary, tabooed journey as a high flying international cocaine smuggler and personal pilot for Carlos Lehder, partner to Pablo Escobar of the Medellin Cartel. Reed flew drug runs for Lehder s cocaine transport empire based at Norman's Cay, a tiny out island in the Bahamas. Having gained notoriety in the late 70s as a staging point for drug smuggling, Norman's Cay was immortalized in Blow, a motion picture starring Johnny Depp. Reed lands in court as Lehder s co-defendant in the longest running drug trial in U.S. history. A non-violent offender, Reed becomes the victim of a tragic judicial sentencing mistake. This is the stunning account of Reed's provocative life with a twist of fate ending only destiny could ordain.