Dutch II Angel's Revenge (Dutch Trilogy) by: Teri Woods

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Dutch went out with guns blazing. The final day of the "Month of Murder" ended in the decimation of the Essex County Courthouse and the deaths of all inside participating in his trial. Angel and One Eyed Roc, two of Dutch's lieutenants, were captured, tried and sent to prison for life. A legal technicality overturned their sentences, and after three years behind bars, each is released with a master plan of their own to recapture what they had lost. Fueled by her devotion to Dutch and her lust for power, Angel, with prison lover Goldilocks, sets out to take back the streets. One-eyed Roc, now a Muslim called Rahman, seeks to right the wrongs of the streets in his own iron-fisted way. Once 'ride or die' cohorts, Angel and Rahman now stand on different sides of the game. Both are focused and determined to accomplish their individual goals. Will the old friends become enemies? or without their leader, will their malicious ways destroy Dutch's camp for good? Dutch II: Angel's Revenge is the exciting second installment of the Dutch trilogy and a must read for Dutch fans.