Inside Talks With The King: TI by: Eugene X. Larry

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(PAPERBACK) With wicked contributions to reinforce fear and contempt in the minds of Americans ignorant, by advancing the stereotypical image that rap artist are the "Boogie Men", such contributions have led to some of Americas most famous rappers to grapple with a long and ugly history of media brutality. While serving time in a federal prison in Forrest City, Arkansas, I was blessed with the unfortunate, but fortunate opportunity to meet and develop a personal relationship with one of Americas biggest rap Superstars, Clifford J. Harris, a.k.a "T.I." or as I call him "Tip." During the several months of his second prison sentence much had been written and spoken regarding him. He's been call a hypocrite, snitch, drug addict, false idol, and a variety of other mean spirited descriptions. The rhetoric that surrounded the prison sentence has in many ways illustrated America’s tendency to focus on the contemporary status that says, “to be an African American male is to be a failure,” such sentiments bares to mind the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Here’s an opportunity to read the real story behind his incarceration, and not just the headlines.