Jinxed by: Tuffy

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(Paperback) Jinz has the duty of taking care of his two families in different states. He also has the duty of running a multi-million dollar drug empire in Philadelphia. He is handling everything as smoothly as one man can. Of course, when you are on top, the haters will do everything in their power to bring you down. Someway, some how, Jinz still puts himself in a position to retire with enough money and businesses to live comfortably. Retirement is at the tip of his fingers until his brother comes home from prison talking wildly about things that could possibly jinx Jinz's retirement. Could the release of his little brother be his downfall? Jinz has to do everything in his power to avoid the jinx of being locked up or killed in a game that loves nobody. Let the author, Tuffy, of the streets' hottest urban novel, Bad Blood, take you on another exciting ride.