Slave to the Trade by: Percy Levy

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In this gritty urban novel, a pimp named Anthony Davis (AD) and police officer George Pratt wage war with one another on the rain-slicked streets of Seattle. Slave to the Trade is packed with jaded cops, wannabe pimps, hardened prostitutes, gangbanging drug dealers, and several down-and-out drug addicts. The sad but true reality of the streets has never been painted so clearly and colorfully. The novel begins in a police station where Detective Pratt is pestered by the rookie partner about a mysterious piece of paper with a single calendar date on it that has been hanging on the wall for years. Now that the date has arrived, Pratt decides to finally divulge its meaning. He explains that a pimp named AD is being released from prison and needs to be tracked down and watched. When the rookie asks for further information, Pratt becomes irritated and evasive?making it apparent that the beef between the two men would remain a mystery until a later time. Upon his release, AD returns to his former stomping grounds and finds that the power structure of the game has changed dramatically. Where he was once a shot caller, the gangbangers are now firmly in control. AD does his best to make headway with the youngsters, but one of them just so happens to be an aspiring wannabe pimp and decides that AD is a threat that needs to be dealt with. Meanwhile, the mystery of AD and Pratt?s past grows in intensity as the rookie and the veteran cruise the streets watching the pimp?s every move. However, things get forced to a head when a young runaway girl turns up working the streets. Sadly, without her consent or knowledge, the young girl becomes a pawn in AD and Pratt?s personal war of wills. Steamy, gritty, and violent, Slave to the Trade is a work of urban fiction that brims with authenticity. The spitfire dialogue drives the intricate plot as the manipulative pimp and jaded cop head for an inevitable collision that will shake the street game to its very foundation.